John Garrick Gives Plenary Lecture at Japan Conference

International Symposium on Science, Engineering, and Strategy for Risk Based Maintenance

Venue: Ono Auditorium, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

Scope of Symposium: Japan’s industrial growth, especially along the coastal areas of major cities, has increased the concern about assuring safety to the public and workers as well as the protection of the environment.  There is increasing pressure to achieve the appropriate balance between safety assurance and productivity commensurate with both good safety and business practices.  In this regard the Japanese industry is turning to the risk sciences for new technologies and tools to better measure and control overall performance of industrial systems.  Such tools are designed to not only assess and make transparent the risks involved and their contributing factors, but also provide roadmaps for such activities as inspection, maintenance, and corrective actions.  Such actions are consistent with the goal of the 180th Committee on Risk-Based Plant Management that was established in 2007 as a University-Industry Cooperative Research Committee of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science with its goal to develop risk based management systems suited to Japan.

With experts from Japan and abroad, the purpose of this international symposium is to summarize the activities of the 180th Committee, to discuss the potential of risk based management, the current issues that exist, and to offer possible solutions.

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