Institute Director, Prof. Ali Mosleh gives the keynote speech in Kuwait

Location: The Kuwait Hilton Resort, Al-Mangaf, Kuwait

Keynote Title: "Frontiers of Reliability and Risk Management Methods: An Assessment and Suggestions for Application in the Oil Industry"

Japan Joint International Conference RISK MANAGEMENT For Integrity of Oil Production And Refining Facilities


Methods and technologies of reliability engineering, safety assessment, and risk management have gone through more than 50 years of evolution and advancements, and currently enjoy wide acceptance in many fields of application. Over the past two decades significant progress has been made on various fronts, including formulation of common scientific bases for these disciplines, development of advanced engineering approaches, and introduction of a wide array of sophisticated analytical methods. Most promising is the trend in fusion of scientific and engineering methods and technologies for more effective and proactive management of reliability, safety and risk concerns. An example is the rapidly advancing system prognostics and health monitoring technologies. This talk will examine the state of the art in reliability, safety, and risk disciplines, and offer some suggestions on applications to Oil Production and Refining Facilities.

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