Haoran Zhou Recipient of The Dr. Vincent Ho Scholarship for Risk Analysis

IMG_9822, Zhou, Haoran Scholarship Winner.jpg

The B. John Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences awards Haoran Zhou the Dr. Vincent Ho Scholarship for Risk Analysis.

Haoran Zhou, an international transfer student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at UCLA, is interested in mechanical design and control. He has the passion and is eager to build mechanisms that are innovative and functional to enhance people’s lives.

Zhou served as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Rosen’s Bionics Lab, where he constructed experiments on rowing motion study by attaching bio-mechanics reflective markers via VICON motion capture system. With that knowledge, he hopes it will one day contribute to an academic journal.

In Spring 2019, Zhou will graduate from UCLA with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. During summer of 2019, he plans to be an intern in the engineering related fields. After that, he will move on to graduate school in Fall 2019, where he plans to pursue a degree in the field of control engineering to join experts and innovators to make smart cars for our future.