Johnson, David

Dr. Johnson has more than 35 years of experience in risk-based analysis for industry and government applications. His extensive experience and knowledge in all facets of nuclear reactor probabilistic risk assessments (PRA) and expertise include probabilistic modeling and investigation of impacts of industrial endeavors, the development of quantitative risk assessment methods and the practical application of these methods to support risk management.

Woody, Epstein

Since 1983, Dr. Woody has worked as a mathematician and probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) professional. His risk career started at the Management Analysis Company in 1983, where he created RiTSE, a 5th generation software which simulated reactor trips at nuclear power plants. He joined PLG, Inc. in 1986, when he was on the team for the PRA of the NASA space shuttle (SST) after the Challenger disaster and was the lead author of RISKMAN®. PLG became part of the ABS Group in 2001. Woody started working in Japan in 2003 and became the country business development and operations manager. He was the project manager for the Abandoned Chemical Weapons (ACW) PRA; the 4 year project was done for the Japanese governement’s Cabinet Office. In 2009, he was the project manager for the Preliminary System Safety Assessment project to analyze Mitsubishi’s new regional jet type certification. He joined Lloyd’s Register Consulting (formerly Scandpower AB) in February, 2011 and has been deeply involved in the Fukushima Daiichi accident. In April, 2011, Professor Ninokata of Tokyo Institute of Technology appointed Woody as Distinguished Visiting Research Scholar of Risk Assessment at the Ninokata Laboratory at the university. In November, 2014, Woody became the Director of Safety and Risk in Asia-Pacific at Curtiss-Wright, and the Japan Country Manager. He resides north of Tokyo. Since the Fukushima Daiichi accident, he has concentrated on the mathematical and computer modeling of extreme external events such as earthquakes and tsunami and their integration into Level 1 External Events PRA. Woody has used his PRA abilities for nuclear power, aerospace, and extreme risk projects. His expertise includes risk assessment software development, project management, modeling and simulations, mathematical techniques for risk assessment, software risk assessment, and advanced research in risk assessment technology.

Pourali, Masoud

Dr. Masoud Pourali received his Ph.D. from University of Maryland in Reliability Engineering. His research interestes are: System Health Monitoring, Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), Bayesian Sensor Placement Optimization, Common Cause Failure (CCF) Analysis, and Application of Bayesian Techniques such as Bayesian Belief Networks in Risk and Reliability Analysis.

Zhu, Dongfeng

Dr. Dongfeng Zhu received his PhD from University of Maryland in Reliability Engineering in year 2005, and continued in a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Center for Risk and Reliability until 2008. He currently serves as Director of Research and Development at ITEM Software. He has over 15 years of research, training, consulting, and software development experience in reliability engineering and risk analysis. Dr. Zhu’s research interests lie in the area of Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis, Software Reliability, and Human Reliability.

Fleming, Karl

Karl Fleming received his B.S. in Physics from Penn State University, Cum Laude in 1969 and his M.S. in Nuclear Science and Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1974. He has devoted his entire professional career of 45 years to the advancement and application of PRA technology in the nuclear, chemical, process, and aerospace industries. Following professional and executive level assignments at General Atomics, and Pickard Lowe and Garrick, and ERIN Engineering and Research he established an independent consulting firm in 2001 and continues to be active as an independent consultant.