A center dedicated to research, development, and application of technology and methods for predicting and reducing risk, improving precision, enhancing resilience, and improving quality in healthcare.


To address high impact and value projects in the health sciences using novel approaches and methods across multiple disciplines including engineering, computer science, biomedical informatics, decision theory, sociology, psychology, and business.


The Center will have two directors: (1) Health Sciences Director: Professor Arash Naeim, MD, Ph.D. and (2) Engineering Director Professor Majid Sarafzadeh, Ph.D. The directors will work closely with the institute leadership (Steve Dubinett, MD, Ph.D. and Professor Ali Mosleh, Ph.D.).  The role of the directors is to help with vision, strategy, marketing, and development of the center.

Examples of Center Activities : 
•    Mobile Devices and Sensors
•    Critical Care Smart Alarms
•    Hospital Readmissions
•    Precision Medicine
•    Safety and Quality Improvement