A center dedicated to research, development, and application of technology and methods for predicting and reducing risk, improving precision, enhancing resilience, and improving quality of healthcare.


The aim of the center is to address high impact projects within the domain of health sciences using novel approaches and methods across multiple disciplines including engineering, computer science, biomedical informatics, decision theory, sociology, psychology, and business.



The Center's Director of Health Sciences: Professor Arash Naeim, MD, Ph.D.

The director(s) will work closely with the institute leadership (Steven Dubinett, MD, Ph.D. and Professor Ali Mosleh, Ph.D.).  The role of the directors is to help with vision, strategy, marketing, and development of the center.

Center Activities

  • Mobile Devices and Sensors

  • Remote Health Monitoring Devices

  • Geriatrics Smart Home Care

  • Critical Care Smart Alarms

  • Hospital Readmissions

  • Precision Medicine

  • Health Care Big Data

  • Safety and Quality Improvement

Example of mobile health INFRASTRUCTURE built by the center INCORPORATING EHR and UCLA data centers

Example of mobile health INFRASTRUCTURE built by the center INCORPORATING EHR and UCLA data centers

Why center for Smart Health? 

Medicine, in recent years, has been taking new directions, some of which aim to treat patients on a personalized level to ensure cheaper and more accessible healthcare and to protect patient’s privacy by enforcing data security. Simultaneously, we are witnessing the advent of wearable devices; users/developers flocking to such gadgets and yet a whole new wave of them is anticipated. Harnessing the new technology will enable clinicians and scientists to gather and analyze a large volume of patients’ data for the first time, to devise new algorithms to better predict health outcome, to develop and assess more personalized models of care, to constantly monitor behavioral changes and so on. To address and work on such domains,  UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences collaborated to from the Center for Smart Health.