Reza Ahmadi

Reza Ahmadi
Anderson School Of Management

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
M.S. University of Texas at Austin
B.S. New Mexico State University

Dr. Ahmadi is a Professor of Decision, Operations and Technology Management at UCLA Anderson School of Management. He joined UCLA after receiving his Ph.D. in Operations Management in 1988 from the University of Texas at Austin and since then he has been with UCLA. Professor Ahmadi’s research interest is operations management, a part of management science that is concerned with designing and controlling production processes and business operations. In his research, he builds mathematical models to guide firms in the design planning and scheduling of their internal and external business processes. In the best traditions of his field, Dr. Ahmadi advances theory motivated by a real problem, and frequently follows through with a practical implementation of his theoretical research. He has made major contributions to scheduling and production planning, product and process design, and, more recently, to supply chain management. Over the years he has worked on a variety of problems in these three areas. Currently, he works on supply chain management problems arising from business-to-business interactions.