Doorandish, Nilofar

B.S. Sharif University of Technology

M.S. University of California Los Angeles

Nilofar Doorandish is a PhD student studying Earthquake Engineering at UCLA. She received her B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, and her M.S. degree from the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCLA. Her master’s research was on seismic reliability-based assessment of steel structures. Nilofar’s current research is also focused on the seismic analysis and performance assessment of structural systems. She is conducting her Ph.D. research under the supervision of Professor Yousef Bozorgnia and Professor Henry Burton.

Zhang, Yizhen

Yizhen Zhang is a M.S. student in the department of Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA since Fall 2016. She obtained her B.S. degree of Polymer Science and Engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. Her previous research involves the performance of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer. She is now working with Yuanshang Chang on polymer degradation in moist environment in Professor Mosleh’s group, aiming to develop a probabilistic prediction model of insulation degradation.

Zhang, Wenhao

Wenhao is currently a Ph.D. student in computer science at UCLA. He graduated from University of Southern California with two master degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He is an expert in Data mining and cloud computing. His research interests mainly focus on applications of Artificial Intelligence in Health care domain.

Yan, Yan

Yan is a final year MSc student in Computer Science at UCLA. She has been working as a full stack developer within the Center for Smart health, and is mainly interested in web development and cloud computing. Yan received her BSc in Software Engineering from Tongi University in China. As an outstanding student she won the first-class scholarship as well as prestigious National scholarship. She has already managed to publish a paper in bioinformatics journal and develop an R package LANDD.

Xiao, Yubin


Yubin is a Computer Science graduate student in UCLA. During the past five years of research and work in CS, he has built a solid foundation of skills and knowledge about software engineering and computer systems. He is proficient in system programming, wireless networks, sensor technologies, and machine learning. He finished his undergraduate studies in University of Macau, majoring in CS. While undergrad, he won the first-class scholarship every year with highest GPA. Meanwhile, he also achieved engineer certification by IET. He has already published two papers, attended the Mobicom 2015 conference while being part of the committee. He has attended many IT competitions and has won the First Prize in Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities, First Prize in Macau ICT Awards 2013 (MICTA), and First Prize in Winter Camp of Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Wu, Keo-Yuan

Keo-Yuan Wu is a Ph.D. student in the department of Material Science and Engineering and a member of the B. John Garrick Institute for the Risk Science at UCLA since 2015. He had a M.S. in the department of Material Science and Engineering at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. His current research focuses on risk assessment of gas and oil pipeline corrosion under the supervision of prof. Ali Mosleh. He aims to build a better predictive model of pipeline corrosion based on corrosion rate models, along with probabilistic methods and Bayesian network approaches.


Shumilov, Kirill


Kirill Shumilov is an undergraduate student in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at UCLA since 2016. He's an undergraduate researcher in Prof. Alexandrova's computational chemistry laboratory of the same department. At GIRS he is working in Mihai Diaconeasa's team developing the Hybrid Causal Logic Analyzer system reliability tool for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Mahmoodzadeh, Zahra

Zahra Mahmoodzadeh is enrolled in the Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ph.D. program since the Fall of 2016. Her BSc and MSc are from the Electrical Engineering department of Sharif University in 2011 and 2013 respectively. She has worked as a researcher on many projects about reliability and maintenance of electric power systems. Her current research involves the application of artificial intelligence decision-making techniques in the field of reliability.

Lykov, Anton


Anton Lykov is an undergraduate Computer Science and Mathematics student at UCLA. He is working in Mihai Diaconeasa's team since February 2018. Anton is developing Hybrid Casual Logic software tools for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Besides working at GIRS, Anton teaches mathematics at LA Math Circle and does iOS development at DevX.

Li, Yucong


Yucong Li is enrolled in the M.S. program of Material Science and Engineering Department of UCLA since 2016. He graduated the Bachelor Program of Material Physics from Northeastern University, China. Under the supervision of Professor Ali Mosleh and Ph.D. Mihai Diaconeasa, he is working on implementing fault tree visualization and editing capabilities in the ADS-IDAC dynamic probabilistic risk assessment software platform.

Huang, Lixian


Lixian Huang is a M.S. student major in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at UCLA.She got her B.S. degree with honors in MSE from University of California, Davis in June 2016. Her previous research projects include the superconductivity characterization on SPS materials, laser parameters optimization, and negative thermal expansion property study. She is now a M.S. student in Professor Ali Mosleh’s group researching about the risk analysis of electrical materials.

Fang, Alex

Fang-250x300 (1).jpeg

Alex Fang started his Master's Degree of Materials Science Engineering at UCLA in 2016. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Materials Science Engineering Department of Drexel University in 2014. Previously he worked on synthesis of nano materials. He’s now doing Machine Learning Approach on Failure Analysis in Professor Ali Mosleh’s research group. His project focuses on diagnosis and prognosis of system failure with big data.



Arjun is a senior, majoring in Electrical and Computer engineering at UCLA. He is a full-stack developer with focus on Operating systems, IoT and wearable devices. His ongoing work involves firmware and application development for the Android Wear smartwatch platform. In the past, Arjun has worked on UX/UI and back-ends for large-scale web services. One would typically find Arjun spend his free time fabricating circuits or rebuilding his mini-quadcopter drones.

Stewart, Theresa


Theresa Stewart is a graduate student in Materials Engineering who completed her undergraduate education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. At UCLA her focus is on model-based systems engineering. Projects include risk assessment for nuclear energy facilities, and system reliability modeling for the JPL “Lunar Flashlight” satellite.