Clayton Smith

Clayton Smith
Principle Professional Staff at JHU/APL

Ph.D. University of Maryland
M.S. University of Maryland
B.S. University of Maryland

Dr. Smith is a member of the Principle Professional Staff at JHU/APL with over 30 years of experience analyzing systems from risk, reliability, and safety perspectives. These systems included: NASA and DoD missions, payloads, ground communication systems, air traffic control systems, and missile systems. He is developing approaches to assess intentional threats against space assets using PRA and Game Theory techniques. He created and managed NASA’s International Space Station Program Probabilistic Risk Assessment specifically geared toward quantifying the safety risk during operations. Dr. Smith is currently the reliability engineering lead for APL’s Solar Probe Plus mission. He received his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, M.S. in Engineering Management, and Ph.D. in Reliability Engineering all from the University of Maryland.