Kou, Kevin

Kevin Kou is an undergraduate student at UCLA working towards a B.S. degree in Computer Science. He is currently researching how to make services such as authentication and search more efficient and robust, and how machine learning can be used to classify data and rankings. He is interested in security research and reverse engineering. Also, he is working on product commercialization and design for risk assessment software.

Lin, Francis

Francis Lin is a third-year undergraduate studying Bioengineering at UCLA. Currently, his goal is to enter the medical device industry in order to help design more effective, more affordable, and more analytical biomedical devices. At the UCLA B. John Garrick Institute, his responsibility is to maintain the website and generate new content for other websites.

Modi, Anjali

Anjali Modi is a fourth-year undergraduate at UCLA. She is studying Applied Mathematics and specializing in Computing. At the UCLA B. John Garrick Institute, she helps gather data on pipeline failure to construct a Bayesian Belief Network and then uses a combination of Hugin and MATLAB to analyze the conditional probabilities derived from the BBN.

Shwe, Htet

Htet Shwe is an undergraduate student at UCLA studying Biology. He hopes to one day become a doctor to aid in the recovery of people, and ultimately make people happier by helping them. He is currently researching the field of Dermatology as that is field he is interested to work in sometime in the future. In the B. John Garrick Institute for the Risk Research, his main job is to provide information, via the wiki and develop workflows that automate services.

Yin, Nicholas

Nicholas Yin is a third year undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering at UCLA. His goal for the future is to make technology more accessible to everyone, especially in terms of cost. At the UCLA B. John Garrick Institute he is in charge of coordinating the recording of our events, as well as editing the video afterwards.